Thursday, March 15, 2012


 Departure Date

I've just heard that expedition to Cuito Cuanavale is likely to be leaving in the first week in April.  It had been pushed back from the 14th  of March to the second week in April.  Suddenly I've got much to do in final preparations.  Like going to the travel clinic to get those shots.  I've been putting it off but the needle phobia will have to be overcome!

Book Contract

If you haven't already heard by other means or sources, I have signed a book contract with Random/Struik to write a book about the Journey and related issues.  I'm excited and daunted

I will write more about the final planning and arrangements before I head off into the bush.


Jasmyn said...

I urgently need to contact you with regards to your story for Al Jazeera. Please mail me or contact me on 011 482 7950/


George said...

Hi Paul,

I am happy for you that you are finally on your way. Looking forward to your book and will remember you in my prayers.
"They talk of the heroism of the dying - they little know - it would be so easy to die, a dose of morphia, a friendly crevasse and blissful sleep. The trouble is to go on..."
(from 'A Life of Apsley Cherry-Garrard' by Sara Wheeler. He was a participant in Scott's tragic last expedition).

All the best Paul. Hope to see you back soon.

Paul said...

Hi George,

Thanks for your kind and supportive words and the inspiring quote.

I'm not going just yet. A small problem with funding means that we are now going in June. However, there's been a new development that may help ensure the journey goes ahead. I'll write more on the blog when things are confirmed.